A mostrar mensagens de maio, 2020

Thanks for your great work, health workers!

For day's in this pandemic crisis, from my window I saw people walking, playing around in the streets and forest, some in groups, family, like nothing was happening, (liberty) maybe they were just in vacations. At night I listened the clapping, the nice words in tribute to health professionals, so I had mix feelings about this conflit between liberty and security, a equilibrium that Suisse society has and I enjoy, but I thought that the social distance, (security) that in most cases I didn't see during day, was to prevent the health system to collapse, so that health workers like Marlene  could continue to do a good job whithout collapsing. Anyone see this conflit or it's just me? Maybe I'm emotionally to close. (the sketch it's a composition made from some photos I found on the internet and a report about covid19 from the portuguese TV program  sexta as 9 ) Main media and authorities they focus a lot about infected and dead people when they talk about