A mostrar mensagens de agosto, 2020

Thanks a lot for all your work, cleaning and trash workers!

Let's play who are we.  We work everywhere, from airports, hospitals to the streets, but most of people don't care or don't even notice us.  we help to prevent a lot of diseases, but we normally don't go to the university and the majority don't have any kind of qualifications.  we help to preserve a good and clean environment, but normally we don't care about global warming, we work so much and earn so poorly that our concerns are how to have money to eat until the end of the month and help our family. During quarantine we didn't stop working because society needs us, but at night nobody clapped specific for our efforts, some don't even remember that we exist. who are we? Another invisible group of professionals we should clap, it's trash workers. we just notice their work, when it's not done and the garbage accomulates in the streets, or all over the planet.  I think for us, who live in "developed" countries its something we see as ens